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Special Wreck Diving Trips

If you have a passion for wreck diving or are interested in new adventures, you don't want to miss the wrecks by Shaab Abu Nuhas.

Special Wreck Diving Trips

Abu Nuhas Wrecks

2-3 times a month we visit the famous wrecks of Abu Nuhas, the Ships’ Graveyard. Abu Nuhas reef lies close to the ship-lane toward the Suez Canal and has claimed more ships than any other reef in the Red Sea. The wrecks are very scenic, covered in corals and they are fantastic for photography. The most well-known wrecks here are Carnatic, Giannis D, Chrisoula K and Kimon M.
We will have the opportunity to dive down and explore these sunken vessels, which are now home to a variety of marine life. From schools of fish to octopuses and morays, there is always something new and exciting to discover.

We embark early in the morning around 5:00. The journey takes between 2,5-3,5 h depending on weather conditions. At Abu Nuhas we will dive 2 of the wrecks before we return back to Hurghada around 17:00.

Requirement: Minimum OW and + 20 dives. (We recommend that you have minimum AOW or deep speciality or take the course during the days since several of the wrecks are deeper than 18 m)

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