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Dolphin Spotting Trip

Do you want the chance to dive with dolphins? Then this is the trip for you!

Dolphin Spotting Trip

In some places in the Red Sea, you have a good chance to see dolphins. On this trip, we go to one of the places where dolphins return every day. We start the day a little earlier from the marina so we can be by the Dolphin house around 9:00am This is the best chance to see dolphins. We stay here during the day and we also have our small speedboat with us. Therefore, if the dolphins are further away, we can take you there.

Dolphins are amazing creatures to observe. To see how they play, how the mothers teach their calves to approach and swim, how to decide what is dangerous and what is not, is fascinating to see. Part of the famous TV-show, Blue Planet 2 ,was recorded in one of the Dolphin houses outside Hurghada.

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