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Daedalus, Zabargad, Rocky Island, St. Johns

Price from


1299 €

7 Nights

Daedalus, Zabargad, Rocky Island, St. Johns


1299 € - Twin Cabin, Lower Deck

1349 € - Double Cabin, Lower Deck

1349 € - Twin Cabin, Main Deck

1399 € - Double Cabin, Main Deck

1499 € - Master Suite Upper Deck

1649 € - Single Cabin, Main Deck

Sincle occupancey in Twin/Double Cabin+ 85%

Local Fees - € 250 per person (to be paid on board)

Soul of Omneia

Itinerary Highlights




30 nov. 2023



7 dec. 2023



Itienary Details

Explore the whole southern part of the Red Sea of Egypt, including its marine parks and the diversity of the underwater world. Every day, discover a new area with its own unique taste. Discover the magical underwater world of St. John’s, Egypt. Liveaboards offer spectacular views of walls full of gorgonians, black coral, and soft corals, as well as big pelagic such as Tuna, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, sharks, and dolphins.

Required Documents: Passport, Diving certificate, Nitrox certificate (if you have one), Medical certificate (fit to dive), Dive insurance or travel insurance.

Requirement: Minimum Advanced open water dive certificate and 50 Logged dives

What is included / not included?

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