Colona Divers day-trips Colona Divers 40 years experience in the Red Sea

We choose dive sites by Colona and our dive guides every day in the morning before embarking on the boats.

The sites are chosen taking into account the diving experience of our guests as well as the weather and water conditions of the day to have the best possible dive experience for that day.

The sun decks in the front and on the second floor offer plenty of space to relax between the dive or snorkel sites whereas in the saloon you can enjoy your lunch in the shade.

All our boats, have a big, open dive deck and dive platform. The dive platform is comfortable to get easily into and out of the water both for divers and snorkelers. For your safety all our boats are equipped with life vests, medic first aid box, oxygen, rescue floats and radio contact.

The food on board is exquisite, with an Eastern buffet lunch, you may purchase additional drinks on board.

  El Gouna Hurghada Marsa Alam
Full day boat trip (2 dives)
ELG: €70   HRG: €60   RMF: €70
€70 €60 €70
Full day boat trips - 3 days (6 dives)
ELG: €195   HRG: €165   RMF: €195
€195 €165 €195
Full day boat trips - 4 days (8 dives)
ELG: €255   HRG: €215   RMF: €255
€255 €215 €255
Full day boat trips - 5 days (10 dives)
ELG: €300   HRG: €260   RMF: €300
€300 €260 €300
Full day boat trips - 6 days (12 dives)
ELG: €340   HRG: €300   RMF: €340
€340 €300 €340
Full day boat trips - 10 days (20 dives)
ELG: €520   HRG: €450   RMF: €520
€520 €450 €520
Full day 3rd dive (excl. Night dive)
ELG: €20   HRG: €20   RMF: n/a
€20 €20 n/a
Full day dive Abu Nuhas Wreck (supplement)
ELG: €10   HRG: €30   RMF: n/a
€10 €30 n/a
Full day dive Rosalie Moller (supplement)
ELG: €40   HRG: €40   RMF: n/a
€40 €40 n/a
Full day dive SS Thistlegom (supplement)
ELG: €60   HRG: €60   RMF: n/a
€60 €60 n/a
Full day dive Elphinstone (supplement)
ELG: n/a   HRG: n/a   RMF: €50
n/a n/a €50
Full day dive Salem Express (supplement)
ELG: n/a   HRG: €40   RMF: n/a
n/a €40 n/a
Lunch on boat trip (optional) :
Includes buffet, one soft drink and one tea/coffee
ELG: €5   HRG: €5   RMF: €7
€5 €5 €7
Private guide on boat (supplement per day)
ELG: €50   HRG: €50   RMF: €50
€50 €50 €50
Full day snorkel trip by boat (13+ years)
ELG: €33   HRG: €33   RMF: €35
€33 €33 €35
Full day snorkel trip by boat (3-12 years)
ELG: €23   HRG: €23   RMF: €25
€23 €23 €25
Full day dolphin spotting by boat (13+ years)
ELG: €33   HRG: €33   RMF: €40
€33 €33 €40
Full day dolphin spotting by boat (3-12 years)
ELG: €23   HRG: €23   RMF: €30
€23 €23 €30

At Colona Divers you only pay for days you spend with us. If you book a daily dive package that you don't fully complete you will only be charged up until you stopped. If you get in an extra day of diving it will be added at the relevant package discounted rate.

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