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Enjoy your Mermaid Adventure in the Red Sea

As the first dive center in Egypt Colona Divers now offers special mermaid trips. Enjoy a day on the boat cruising out to one of the amazing reefs of the Red Sea and learn how to be a real life mermaid.

After an introduction into mermaiding and safety briefing you will get into one of our high quality mermaid tails to experience the Red Sea like never before. Learn how to swim as a real life mermaid and let your childhood dream come true with loads of unique photo opportunities on land and underwater.

Mermaiding is a new trend, not just for kids. Also grown up mermaids and mermen have the fun of a lifetime on your mermaid trips. To be able to join our mermaid trips in the Red Sea you must be 10 years old or older and able to swim comfortably in the open sea. There will always be safety guides with you in the water. Our mermaid adventures include the pickup from your hotel, a day out on the boat and two water sessions swimming as a real life mermaid.

Book your mermaid adventure in the Red Sea for just 70 Euros.

Professional Mermaid Workshops in the Red Sea

Mermaiding is a new but fast growing trend. Many people do mermaiding as a hobby but for others it became their passion. Some people made mermaiding their profession like Katrin Felton aka “Mermaid Kat”. Kat was one of the first professional mermaids in the world and worked in many different countries around the world in underwater photo shoots, aqua shows and teaching mermaid workshops.

Since August 2012 Kat teaches mermaiding in her well known mermaid workshops. As a Scuba and Free Diving Instructor Kat has the right knowledge and skills to teach beginners and advanced mermaids how to improve their skills. A professional mermaid workshop is separated in two basic parts. During the theory part you will learn everything you need to know about being a real life mermaid. This includes how to move in a mermaid tail, ocean awareness, breath hold training, the right mermaid equipment and much more.

After the final exam you will make a splash in the swimming pool. After a little orientation you will learn how to move in a mermaid tail, tricks and tips, breath hold training, safety and rescue skills, underwater modeling und much more. Depending on your knowledge and skills you will receive a certificate as a “Bronze Mermaid”, “Silver Mermaid” or “Gold Mermaid”.

Apart from having a lot of fun and photo opportunities during the professional mermaid workshop mermaiding is also a full body workout where you burn lots of calories. The professional mermaid workshop is available for everyone over the age of 14 who is able to swim at least 200 m confidently without any stopping. Even with mermaiding being more of a woman’s sport, more and more mermen are following this new trend.

The price for the professional mermaid workshop is 150 Euros.

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